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The Spiritual Assessment and Intervention Model (Spiritual AIM) focuses on the initial assessment of a patient during a spiritual care encounter and provides concrete interventions based on that assessment. This unique, evidence-based, outcome-oriented, model has been under development since 2011 and has been continually refined since then.

Round infographic showing the Spiritual Aim Model

For Chaplains, Spiritual AIM:

Provides an efficient framework for finding a patient’s core need and lays out clear interventions to accompany a patient toward spiritual wholeness.

Maximizes the impact chaplains have on patients during the short time spent together.

Allows for chaplains to increase self-awareness in the pastoral relationship.

Interdisciplinary team members also benefit from the model as it translates the complexity of spiritual care into a clear language that all team members are able to understand and ensures that every caregiver is on the same page.

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