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If you are interested in receiving training for your team/organization — please contact us. We are able to provide customized options to fit your needs — in person or remotely — for varying fees. Some of the options include:

  • A free, one-hour overview or one case study session.
  • Training for you and your staff/students to work through the manual. For example, a 2-hour training with an option to submit documentation and verbatim samples for individualized feedback: $300
  • A 3-hour patient simulation lab for your students to practice Spiritual AIM. Approx. $2,000 (to cover faculty time and simulation lab fees)
  • Verbatim feedback from Spiritual AIM faculty on verbatims written by you, your students, etc. to support your use of the model. Fees vary.
  • Facilitating of Case Study Presentations — Fees vary depending on number of case studies.

Other Resources

In addition to the manual and training, we’re thrilled to share resources that may help you incorporate Spiritual AIM into your practice — many of which have been created by other Spiritual AIM practitioners.

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I think it Spiritual AIM is a very potent tool for connection. From my experience, really powerful moments come out of utilizing this model.

~ A chaplain trained in Spiritual AIM

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